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 Set in New York City and Harrisburg, Pa, ON THE RUN, is a complex descent into a treacherous world where justice and revenge are synonymous.

©2003 Michael Martin

(ISBN: 0741417634 $17.95 US)

About The Author - Michael Martin lives and works in New York City.  He has written several novels and short stories, including DEADBEAT, which also features private investigator Frank Taylor.  He is currently working on the next book in this series.



On The Run - Michael Martin

After being fired from his job of thirty-three years, a reticent financial analyst returns to work the following day and murders his boss.  He then makes his escape and effectively vanishes without a trace.

Five years later, Frank Taylor, an African-American private investigator, who once worked as a security guard for the same company, receives a call from a familiar voice.  The proposition: find the killer and bring him to justice. 

With the offer of a large sum of money, plus the prospect of earning a reputation in the field, Frank is lured into a spiraling black hole of vengeance and betrayal. 

With valuable assistance from his cyberspace love interest, and a disgruntled NYPD detective, Frank goes on a hunt for the killer.  But he soon discovers that he too is being hunted.  And as the bodies begin to pile up, Frank realizes that his time is quickly running out…. 

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