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B and E Crafts was started by two sisters who were born and raised in a small town in Georgia. As children, they learned needle crafting from their grandmother and it became a life long love! Although they've married and moved away, they're still making crocheted, knitted, plastic canvas and other handcrafted creations! Originally done as gifts for friends and relatives, the ladies of B and E Crafts hadn't anticipated the great response they've been receiving from everyone!

Our Products -

"We've taken the time to select and create some of the most fascinating, beautiful pieces that you've ever seen!"

The ladies of B and E Crafts create beautiful and intricately designed handcrafted items. Many hours of scrutinous selection and hand detailed work go into all of their projects. They cut, stitch and assemble them with tender loving care so the finished product is a welcome guest in your home! Upon request, they can also assemble projects for you from your own ideas, patterns or kits!

Disclaimer -

BandECrafts.com disclaims any proprietary interest in copyrights, trademarks or names other than its own...

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