Howard B. Stroud Sr.
Bogart, Georgia

Born, raised, schooled in racially segregated Athens, Howard Stroud became associate superintendent of the Clarke County School District. As a principal he played a major role in the successful integration of schools. Some of the major accomplishments and involvements have been the Athens Regional Library, American Cancer Society, Athens Morehouse Alumni Club, Athens Symphony,Morton Theatre, St. Mary's Hospital, United Way, Athens Regional Medical Authority, Athens Technical and Classic Center Authority.

Birthdate: March 9, 1930

Birthplace: Athens

Family: Wife, Bettye; one son, Howard Jr., and one daughter, Kesha

Current job: Retired

Career: Educator

Education: Bachelor's in psychology and education, Morehouse College; master's in administration from Atlanta University; post-graduate study from University of Georgia, Agnes Scott College and Appalachian State.

Something few people know about me: "Basically my very nature is of a shy person, but I transition quite well from one situation to another. I'm a reserved and private person, and I don't prefer the limelight."

Best Athens memory: "One of the individuals I admired most outside my immediate family was C.H.S. Lyons. He was quite a disciplinarian, and one time I'd gotten into trouble and he had me move a load of sand. I worked and worked, and went to get him when I'd accomplished the task. He smiled, and said, 'Now put it back.' I learned a lesson in discipline I never forgot. That had a lot to do with my not making serious mistakes because I learned the consequences could be very costly."

Favorite sports team: Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings



Howard Stroud
Getting involved and making things happen

By M.A. Barnes
Staff Writer

Photo: athenslife

  Howard Stroud
Rebecca Breyer/Staff

   Howard Stroud, Sr. has a resume that, single-spaced, covers several pages just for the organizations on which he has served on to better his community.
   His honors and awards are legion. He has been an educator, is deeply involved in his church, and his experiences with the integration of schools in Clarke County are part of the history of our nation.
   Stroud was involved in education for 36 years, serving as a teacher, principal and associate superintendent of Clarke schools. After retirement, feeling he had more to do, he has joined a number of vital organizations.
   ''My interest in community work started when I first came back to Athens as a teacher,'' he said. ''I lived by the philosophy that you don't need to ask somebody else why certain things don't happen. Instead, get yourself involved to make things happen. This is my community, so I do what I can do to make it better.''
   Stroud was deeply involved in the civil rights movements and said he remembered it all very vividly.  ''Some of the things I remember were good and some bad,'' he recalled. ''I do remember the flexibility of the students and the inflexibility of some of the adults. It was funny how good things happened when a student would take the lead, telling the adults to leave them alone and let them work it out.''

   Stroud's philosophy on life is simple and powerful: ''Give all that you can give, and whatever that is, it will come back to you. And give to make things better for other people.''

Hero and why: "It's difficult to pick one, but Benjamin E. Mays was and is my hero. He projected his thoughts into the future and tried to work with what was right. He was internationally known but took time with us as young boys and prepared us for life's difficulties. He didn't allow excuses for shortcomings. He said we would have to run the race faster than other men if you were to be the best."

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite drink: Lemonade and Diet Cokes

Car: Cadillac

Favorite movie: Historical and historical fiction movies, and westerns


Favorite book: ''As I See It,'' by Dean Rusk. "I was proud to be associated with him; to have first-hand knowledge of and to shake hands with a former secretary of state."

Favorite TV show: ''ER'' and ''Chicago Hope''

Favorite magazine: Ebony

How would your spouse describe you: "Bettye has one life for herself, and I'm her other life. She would describe me as being kind, considerate and sometimes more heart than head."

Nominated by: George Abney












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