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2008 Michael Martin

 Burning In The Heat
(ISBN: 978-1-4357-3096-0)

About The Author - Michael Martin is the author of two novels DEADBEAT and ON THE RUN, as well as a collection of short stories,  FUNERALS FOR FRIENDS.



Burning In The Heat - Michael Martin

The people who populate Michael Martin's world are complex and disturbing. Burning just beneath the surface is a frightening stockpile of emotional confusion and silent rage. Jealousy and passion, loneliness and self destruction heat the pages of these fifteen stories of the often volatile relationships between men and women,. friends and lovers, and the interactions with those not so rare individuals who possess the pathological ability to become whoever you want them to be. Each story in this moving collection burns with the heat of human emotion. Written in a powerful narrative voice, often lyrical and poetic, BURNING IN THE HEAT is an astounding display of storytelling depth and versatility from the author of FUNERALS FOR FRIENDS.

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